Zumba at Aidas’s Fitness & Nutrition

1 hour of fast paced Latin and hip hop style dancing.

Zumba is a very aerobic and energetic dance which has a team like feeling to it…kind of the same feeling you get at weddings when everyone gets involved in a line dance. Except in this dance, there is no mercy and a relentless beat. Several years ago, I used to enjoy zumba at a location where the dance instructor was a gifted choreographer and so enthusiastic that both the men and the women had crushes on him and treated him like a pop star. It helped of course that he usually arrived late and wearing sunglasses.

So I went to this new location feeling slightly haughty about my zumba skills. No dance instructor here could be as inspiring at challenging us physically and keeping us motivated as Juan had been. He could keep me moving when every fibre in the body demanded I collapse on the floor. I imagined these people would be a bunch of chubby, middle aged women who go just to gossip and do a little slow merengue and who didn’t want to push any limits.

I was quickly humbled. Within two songs, my muscles burned, my jumps were less perky and my moves got sloppy as a drunk’s.  I could not keep up with those freaking  middle aged women.  I was the bumbling  girl who kept messing up her footwork and was turning increasingly pink, then alarmingly purple. The women were too polite to say so, but they looked a little concerned for me. Maybe they didn’t understand that’s how people of Irish descent release their body heat. I soldiered on, sucking water between songs like it were the air that could save me from drowning.  The instructor did ask a few times, “You okay over there?” “New girl,” she might have wanted to add. But she was awesome, energizing and optimistic. She put all of herself in to every move. She shouted for joy occasionally. It was contagious. None of the other women could quite keep up with her either.  Halfway through, I found the mojo (ie, endorphins) and I suddenly knew I’d live until the end of the work out and walk out at 10:30 AM with a step count that would make my day hilariously feather light.

When I broke:

When I started turning purple and feeling clumsy. My limbs felt heavy and uncoordinated. The steps suddenly were too complex to comprehend. I swear I could see pity in the instructor’s gaze every time I swung around in the wrong direction.

How I survived:

I was going to let them see me sweat obviously, but there was no way a bunch of middle-aged chubby women like myself were going to see me collapse. Peer motivation. Then the endorphins kicked in and I was good to go. I should probably time how long it takes to reach that point in my harder workouts. That way, I can use that as a motivation to keep going until I get there rather than always forget it will happen and being pleasantly surprised when it does.

Activity Steps 7,875 steps

Calories burnt: According to caloriesburnedhq.com I burned off 828 calories.

Daily steps hit: 17,525


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