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Its been such a great year, full of travel and family events and lots of work. I’ve been writing reviews of theater and circus, writing articles for publications and editing a magazine quite a bit lately and haven’t had much time left over for blogging. Nowadays, I post most of my news and articles to Twitter or Instagram but for the sake of the infinite space available here, I offer a few examples of what I’ve been working on:

Render Feminisit Food & Culture Quarterly

Meat 101

Gaper’s Block Arts & Culture


Unspeakable-the Life of Richard Pryor


Tapped: A Treasonously Funny Musical

Acrobatica Infiniti Has Nerd Fun at Uptown Underground

UniverSoul Circus

Interview with Jim Lasko of Redmoon on Great Chicago Fire Festival

A Perfect Ganesh

Interview with Cirque du Soleil’s Director Michel Laprise

Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival

Physical Fest-Interview with the Creators

Acrobatica Infiniti Nerd Circus; Interview with Director Tana Karo

Tellin’ Tales Theater Interview with Tekki Lomnicki

A Month Of…Live Lit


Antics Roadshow with Devon Myers

Chicago Magic Lounge

Badfic Love

Choreographer Winifred Haun’s Promise Will Deliver

Circuscope at the Actors Gymnasium

Peking Acrobats

Redmoon Theatre

To Relax & Laugh

Circus Promoters Blog

Secrets of a Circus Casting Director-an Interview with Krista Monson

Free Yourself—Living as an Independent Circus Artist

Circus Talk Feature Article

Silent Clown Unplugged:A Sneak Peek at Barry Lubin’s Memoirs

The Peking Acrobats

LTH Forums Feature Article

Alternative Dining in Chicago

Spectacle Magazine Reviews

Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival

The Circus that Came to Dinner & New & Noteable Juggling Trio Debuts.

Spectacle Magazine Reviews– Circus reviews

Circus Now Feature Article

Walker in the Sky

White Tops-The Circus Fans Of America March/April 2015- Vol.88 No. 2-Print

Tall Takes of a Short Clown-a Book by Barry Lubin-review

Spectacle Magazine Feature Article

Finding Peace with Circus in Tough Times

Windy City Circus

Performed storytelling at A Month OfListen to the podcast recording here.

Graze Magazine

Homestead Farming for Old Punk Rockers (PDF available upon request)

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  1. DAMN girl! I knew you’ve been busy, but you’ve really taken the writer bit and run with it! So freakin’ proud of you, my friend. Well done, and looking forward to seeing what you’ve got up your sleeve for 2016!

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