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  Its been such a great year, full of travel and family events and lots of work. I’ve been writing reviews of theater and circus, writing a...

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A Year in Review

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(Ephemera from my year of writing) Today I celebrate the one year anniversary of openly identifying as a writer, which is what I told my writer’s gr...

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One Year Writerversary


A friend recently tipped me off to a great source of writing income for freelance writers looking to make a few extra bucks. That source is Craigslist...

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Writer for Fire

Hipster town (3) - Copy

  It’s drizzling at dusk in Lincoln Square. Clutching my oversized blue and white umbrella I wonder at the number of runners that jog past,...

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Rainy Lost in Germantown


  Goose and gander floating slowly by with 11 tween goslings. They see us eyeballing them, human and barely contained and chained dog-shaped thre...

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Busse Forest

Badass Dash

It was Saturday morning at 6:45 AM and my husband placed an egg spinach scramble in front of me. He saw me making it for myself every day for weeks du...

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Badassery Level Unlocked